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Smith-Cooper International (SCI®) COOPLOK™ Grooved Products

All COOPLOK ™ products are branded with the SCI logo, manufactured to precise standards, and are inspected twice.  All materials and dimensions are carefully monitored to meet the relevant standards, and the whole process complies with ISO 9001 standards.  The SCI Trademark on each product is 100% traceable, because SCI® is 100% responsible.  SCI Quality Plus means their 50-year reputation for quality is built right in.


All grooved dimensions are to ANSI / AWWA C606-04 standard.  Couplings and Fittings are cast of ASTM A-536 ductile iron, Grade 65-45-12 which is the industry standard.  The Smith-Cooper International logo (SCI) is on all valves, couplings, fittings, bolts, and gaskets. Products thru 12" are UL Listed &  FM Approved.  COOPLOK™  is available in  both painted and galvanized finishes thru 24".


COOPLOK™ grooved products are now listed in the following sections of MasterSpec®, the leading specification service for architects and engineers in the United States.

  • 211100 Facility Fire-Suppresion Water Service Piping

  • 211200 Fire Suppression Standpipes

  • 211313 Wet-Pipe Sprinkler Systems

  • 211316 Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Systems

  • 212200 Clean-Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • 221113 Facilty Water Distribution Piping

  • 221116 Domestic Water Piping

  • 221316 Sanitary Waste and Vent Piping

  • 221413 Facility Storm Drainage Piping

  • 232113 Hydronic Piping


The Best Guarantee You'll Never Need

The SCI® 5/50 Guarantee says they will replace any valve, fitting or coupling for up to a full 5 years, when properly installed and operated, if failure is due to defects in material or workmanship.  Smith-Cooper will even pay $50 per defective item to the installing contractor to offset the cost of installation (please refer the SCI Warranty for details & limitations).

Osland Piping Supply
Osland stocks & maintains one of the largest inventories in the Midwest which is available for immediate, same day shipping.
We also specialize in value added services such as:
-  Piping and plumbing pre-fabrication. 
-  Consultation services available for upgrading your existing fabrication facility.

Value engineering and product selection.
-  Bagging, tagging and delivery by floor, area or system.
-  Material cost accounting, estimating pricing, summary purchase reports etc.



SCI COOPLOK Catalog, Cross Reference Guide etc. are available for viewing or downloading.

Please click on the images below. Note:some file sizes are large & may take several minutes to download
SCI Grooved Cross Refernce Chart (119 KB)
SCI COOPLOK UL Couplings Listing (964KB)


SCI COOPLOK Catalog (6.6 MB)
SCI COOPLOK UL Fittings Listings (358 KB)


SCI COOPLOK FM Approvals (201 KB)
SCI COOPLOK Submittal (9.3MB)