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Smith-Cooper International (SCI®)  / Sharpe® Products


Smith-Cooper  provides a broad selection of products for the Commericial, Industrial, Santitary, Fire Protection, AWWA & Energy Industries. Please Click on the Catalog Images below to download a Catalog. 
SCI COOPLOK Grooved Catalog
SCI Cast Iron Threaded Fitting Catalog
Swage Nipple & Bull Plug Catalog
SCI SS & Brass Pipe & Tubing Catalog
SCI Stainless Steel Flange Catalog
SCI Instrumentation Catalog
SCI Sharpe Automation & Control Catalog
SCI Malleable Iron Threaded Catalog
SCI Cast & Ductile Flanged Catalog
SCI Mechant Steel Catalog
SCI Heavy Pattern 150# Stainless Catalog
SCI Forged Carbon & Stainless Catalog
SCI Valve Catalog
SCI Ductile Iron Threaded Catalog
SCI SS, Brass & Steel Pipe Nipple Catalog
Bronze Fitting & Flange Catalog
SCI Stainless Steel Weld Fitting Catalog
SCI Stainless Sanitary System Catalog
SCI Sharpe Valve Catalog

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