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KITZ Corporation, established in 1951, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of valves.  Major products include carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloy, gray iron, ductile iron, bronze,  brass valves, and valve actuators.  And, more recently, "Keepalloy" lead free compliant valves


KITZ Commerical & Industrial Valves

A Product of Technology 


KITZ Corporation of America, located in Stafford, Tx., produces a broad range of commercial and industrial valves.  This product line includes Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe, and Check valves available in bronze, brass, iron, carbon, stainless, and alloy steel.
All KITZ Valves are subjected to rigorous quality checks and extensive testing before leaving the factory. Testing includes compliance with internal quality control for body and seat integrity exceeding applicable recognized industry standards such as MSS, API and ASME.
 KITZ global reputation is firmly based on their commitment to the design and manufacture of quality valves. As a wholly owned subsidiary KITZ Corporation of America provides product and services to our customers throughout the western hemisphere.


KITZ Ball Valves are designed with extensive safety considerations. Vented-ball, blow-out-proof stem and prevention of lever misalignment are all standard features that contribute to safe handling and trouble free operation. Lever operation is standard on most of our ball valves; however; Oval Handles, Locking Ovals, Wing Handles, Extended Stems, or Insulated Stem Extensions can be provided. Grounding Devices and Memory Stops are also available. Lower operating torques and smooth operation are benefits of the quality designed into every KITZ ball valve. Bronze and Brass valves are Full Port as standard, with the exception of our Code No. 51 and the 3-Way Ball valves. Third-party approvals from CSA, NSF, UL and FM are available on a number of the commercial and plumbing ball valves.  KITZ K-Press (Press end connection) valves are now available in standard brass and lead free "Keepalloy".  

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KITZ Butterfly Valves are designed and manufactured to perform in a broad range of applications. DUCTILE Iron is the only body material we offer, allowing our Lug style butterfly valve to be FULL RATED for Bi-Directional DEAD END service. They meet or exceed the design requirements of MSS SP-67 and API 609.

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KITZ Bronze Valves are produced on fully automated molding and machining lines. This highly automated process assures consistent precision in manufacturing commercial and industrial valves for various water, oil, gas, and steam applications. Each of our manufacturing facilities utilizes a fully integrated system devoted to all phases of production. From the selection of materials, to the final testing and packaging, every step is subject to rigorous quality control. 

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KITZ Iron valves are no different. Since the performance of iron valves depends greatly on the quality of the castings, molten iron is carefully controlled through one of the most advanced casting facilities in the industry. KITZ Iron Valves are widely used in building piping systems, water treatment plants and industrial facilities. 

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Carbon & Stainless Steel Valves are used in applications where Bronze, Brass, Cast Iron and Carbon Steel cannot withstand highly corrosive medias or atmospheres. KITZ standard 316 stainless steel valves are designed and built to meet those needs. As one of the world's largest stainless steel valve manufacturers, KITZ incorporates the same quality control process in both our commercial and industrial product lines.


KITZ Catalogs, Price Lists, Cross Reference Guide etc. are available for viewing or downloading.

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Kitz Butterfly Valve Cross Reference Chart
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Kitz Bronze & Iron Cross Reference Chart